Meri (livemockingbird) wrote in girl_losers,

I'm having a pissy day...

You know what really pisses me off? I hate when you pick up a can up soup, for instance, and it says "about two servings'. So, you assume that you just need to double the number of nutritional information.

But, then you look more clossely.

Serving Size 130 grams
Servings per container: about 2
Then, you look at the front of the can: 240 grams of soup.

What the hell? I don't mind a little math, but that's like fractions and algabra and stuff! Way too complicated for my liking! Bah!


My mother in law was the first person I knew in real life who did weight watchers. Now she's convinced that she's my reason for trying and sticking with it. She and I both have our meetings on Tuesdays. I initiated the call in the evening after our meetings. Now, I wish it would just stop. She is all the time telling me that it's not hard, and that because I'm getting more points and have more weight to lose that I'm not working nearly as hard as she is, and that I shouldn't be allowed to feel as good about my success as I am. She's a bitch. It's taken her twice as long to lose the same amount of weight as I have---of course, I don't eat eclairs and cookies everyday. I don't go out to Chinese buffets on the weekend and not bother to pay attention to what I eat. Nope, see my self-control and determination have nothing to do with my success on the program--it's just that I'm fat and get more points for nursing--yup, that's it.

Can I have permission to smack her?

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